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My Videos on YouTube

20/09/2010 00:00
I have some of my video teachings on youtube.  Subscribe to my channel and I will take you to a swift of knowledge!!!

Project 2: English Numbers To Kannada Numerals Converter

15/05/2010 12:17
 Aim of the project is to develop a program which converts the input numbers into the verbal or linguistic expression of Kannada for the purpose of Text To Speech software. Eg. If input is the number 369963 then output must be mūru lakshada arawattoMbattu sāwirada oMbāynūraa arawatmūru. The...

Project 1: Automatic Time Table Generation For Teaching Institiutions

15/05/2010 11:58
  Project Description: Aim of the project is to generate time tables for all the Years/Sections of our college departments through automatic generation. This project helps our HOD and other teachers who involve in the process of making up time tables, to develop it efficiently in a short span...

My Introduction

01/05/2010 05:30
  My Introduction     I am an all time inspired guy with high hopes and positiveness in all my dreams. I am a 'Bachelor of Technology' degree holder under the 'Computer Science & Engineering' group from Kuppam Engineering College which is affiliated to...

Visitors notice

21/04/2010 20:20
This is a website dedicated to show case my projects which could be helpful to many people in many different ways

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